The Film Christopher Nolan Doesn’t Want You to Watch

Christopher Nolan's early film 'Larceny' remains unseen since its 1996 festival showing, fueling fan speculation and reflecting Nolan's cautious approach to his filmography.

Christopher Nolan's early work, the short film 'Larceny,' has not been publicly shown since its screening at the 1996 Cambridge Film Festival. The film's elusiveness has intrigued fans, especially as Nolan is anticipated to win his first Oscar for 'Oppenheimer.' Despite attempts to uncover it, 'Larceny' remains a mystery, revealing Nolan's meticulous control over his filmography. The film features Jeremy Theobald, who also starred in Nolan's debut feature, 'Following,' and was part of Nolan's experiments in filmmaking during his university years.